Welcome to the Canterbury B.S.A. Motorcycle Owners Club Inc New Zealand

The Canterbury B.S.A. Owners Club was originally proposed on the 10th of May 1979 at a public meeting called by the late Mr Clarrie Haines, who was astounded by the 60 B.S.A. owners and enthusiasts who attended the meeting. The club was formed and Clarrie Haines was voted in as the first President. In 1980 the club became an incorporated body.

Since that time the club membership has remained stable, with some of the current members having been present at that first meeting in 1979.

The principle object of the club is to keep alive the BSA marque, and assist those who own BSA motorcycles, cars or powerplants.

Members of the club have at their disposal an extensive library of workshop manuals, parts books and service bulletins as well as general interest books on BSA and the history of BSA.

A club magazine called "THE WINGED WHEEL" is published bi-monthly in the first half of the month. Members are able to advertise in the magazine at no cost. A deadline for articles and advertisements is the end of the month prior to publication. Here is the latest magazine #284, and the previous magazines #283, #282, & #281.

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