Thomas 1954 BSA Golden Flash A10

Thomas has owned this bike since 1963. That is an achievement in itself. The bike is in a better state now than it was in 1963 - so thats something special too. Thomas is of the opinion that it is to be used - so whilst it is in very nice original trim, it is not your concours item. More an 'everyday rider' category.

The A10 has been to international rallies, and yet for much of its life was purely a workhorse, which doubled as a recreational vehicle. The motor has been rebuilt several times in Thomas' ownership, and during the most recent, the crankshaft was hard-chromed where the all important bush runs, and a bush machined especially to fit the built-up crank - so this should ensure that oil keeps feeding through to the big ends for many happy miles. So far - so good.!

While taking the photos, we were noting how the BSA got away with the heavily valanced guards. This is in comparison to the 'bathtub' jobs that were fitted to period Triumphs. The BSA styling looks spot-on, and those generous guards do a fine job of keeping the grunge where it should be - off the bike.!

I have read articles about restorations of the BSA A10, and it would seem that at least some 1954 models still featured a plunger type rear shock absorber. Thomas is lucky that his example has a swingarm and telescopic shocks - they endow the bike with a much more modern feel, and better handling.

Instrumentation is spartan. There is however, an ammeter tucked around to the right of the headlamp, and from the rider's perspective - the needle is visible if the system is charging. If you can't see it - you better get off and investigate.!

The seat is generous, and presumably comfortable. The original bars were a bit low and tended to give Thomas a bit of gyp in the back dept, so he wisely fitted a pair with a bit more rise to them, and now he and the bike fit each other perfectly. Once again - function is the main concern here. When you consider that this bike served for 30 odd years in a more workmanlike fashion, and yet is able to cruise with the pack today at the legal speed limit - it has done tremendously well. More's the pity that BSA are not alive today and producing such a fine product.

Thomas and the A10 during the 2012 National rally..