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BSA International Rally - 2014.

When you belong to a motorcycle club - you are included in all the possibilities that such a club has to offer.

In the case of a BSA Owners Club - the International Rally is one.!

Every year, the international body that governs such things decides which country will host this year's BSAOC International. This year it is in Northern California. The weather is good there..

So that's nice..

This group of the members from the Canterbury BSAOC have chosen to be there.

The rally will be held at Petaluma - about 1 hour north of San Francisco - and attended by BSA devotees from all around the entire planet. Seems it might be the place to be then - in the middle of an NZ winter..!

Besides this lot there will be another 7 members - so the Americans will feel the impact of 14 happy Kiwis.

It was decided that since they would find themselves in America - the only proper thing to do would be to ride around the entire country - so after the conclusion of the rally - this is what will happen.

The route will develop in an easterly fashion..

The route east..

Then return to 'our' side of the continent..

The route west..

This is the plan for the 'Ride America' team. Bikes have been purchased in America. Also a backup vehicle. And a bike trailer. This is a serious assault on the vast distances of North America by a small Kiwi team - under the auspices of the Canterbury BSA Owners Club. How ambitious.! How exciting.! Stay tuned for breaking news.!



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