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Club Run to Loburn - 15 Oct 2017.

On a rare - for recent months - fine morning, a good number of bikes assembled for what promised to be a great day out for the club members present.

At this point BSA's were outnumbered by Triumphs, but that may be seen as preferable to machines from the Orient..

Notwithstanding, there were some very nice BSA's in the mix as you could expect.

A belated Vic turned up to add weight to the BSA contingent.

Pretty authentic beastie this, having triumphed (hoho..) over a number of main bearing related seizures of recent times..

After the usual swapping of notes in order to get up to date with the latest list of mechanical wonders, riders prepared to move off. Pleasing to note that all machines present responded well to being coaxed into life yet again. No "failed to start's" here then.

As I was fated not to be riding any further today - ask her indoors - I was at least able to record a few machines on the move.

First port of call would be the "Peg" in Belfast to rendezvous with those riders who were better placed to start at that venue. Wayne led the charge.

The other riders join the exodus in line astern - no hurry needed - they know where they're going.!


Thomas on the Gold Flash..

Nice etiquette - slowest bike first. Not necessarily slowest rider of course.

David, Vic and Ritchie waiting for the damn traffic to get out of the way.

John and Red continue the triple flavour..

Thanks to Red I have some photos that captured more of what took place later on.

A few more stalwarts joined the happy throng at the Peg. Couple of moderns wanted to look like BSA's too..

Touchdown at Loburn.

A rather fabulous lineup of the sort of machines we all appreciate. Well done all.

People made speeches and gave stuff to deserving members. That's always a good thing.

Brilliant run from all aspects and the shape of things to come - now the weather is almost deciding to stop raining. Hope to see you all out there.

Cheers, Kilroy.



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